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Blocks settings#

You should make Volto aware of your custom blocks. Since Volto have its own set of default blocks, you should extend them by adding your custom ones in your project configuration object.

Configuring a new block#

So we add this lines to the src/config.js:

import MainSliderViewBlock from '@package/components/Blocks/MainSlider/View';
import MainSliderEditBlock from '@package/components/Blocks/MainSlider/Edit';
import sliderSVG from '@plone/volto/icons/slider.svg';


const customBlocks = {
  mainslider: {
    id: 'mainslider', // The name (id) of the block
    title: 'Main Slider', // The display name of the block
    icon: sliderSVG, // The icon used in the block chooser
    group: 'common', // The group (blocks can be grouped, displayed in the chooser)
    view: MainSliderViewBlock, // The view mode component
    edit: MainSliderEditBlock, // The edit mode component
    restricted: false, // If the block is restricted, it won't show in the chooser
    mostUsed: true, // A meta group `most used`, appearing at the top of the chooser
    blockHasOwnFocusManagement: false, // Set this to true if the block manages its own focus
    sidebarTab: 0, // The sidebar tab you want to be selected when selecting the block
    security: {
      addPermission: [], // Future proof (not implemented yet) add user permission role(s)
      view: [], // Future proof (not implemented yet) view user role(s)

export const blocks = {
  blocksConfig: { ...defaultBlocks.blocksConfig, ...customBlocks },

We start by importing both view and edit components of our recently created custom block.


Notice the @package alias. You can use it when importing modules/components from your own project.

Then you define the block, using the object described in the example.

We also add this piece of code in order to define i18n literals for our new block:

import { defineMessages } from 'react-intl';


  mainslider: {
    id: 'Main Slider',
    defaultMessage: 'Main Slider',

Our new block should be ready to use in the editor.

Other block options#

The configuration object also exposes this options


This option is used to make the tiles not removable. By default, the Title block is not removable (you won't be able to delete it as the remove handler is not present).


This option is used to define the order of the groups in the blocks chooser. By default:

const groupBlocksOrder = [
  { id: 'mostUsed', title: 'Most used' },
  { id: 'text', title: 'Text' },
  { id: 'media', title: 'Media' },
  { id: 'common', title: 'Common' },

You can change it (and add your own group) in your project configuration object.