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Introduction to Volto#

Volto is a React-based frontend for content management systems (CMS), currently supporting three backend implementations: Plone, Guillotina and a NodeJS reference implementation.

Plone is a CMS built on Python born back in 2001, and unmatched experience in the subject.

Plone has very interesting features that are still appealing to developers and users alike as customizable content types, hierarchical URL object traversing and a complex content workflow powered by a granular permissions model that allows you to build from simple websites to complex huge intranets.

Volto exposes all that features and communicates with Plone via its mature REST API. It has the ability of being highly themable and customizable.

Volto also supports other APIs like Guillotina, a Python resource management system, which is inspired on Plone using the same basic concepts like traversal, content types and permissions model.

Last but not least, it also supports a Volto Nodejs-based backend reference API implementation that demos how other systems could also use Volto to display and create content through it.

As any CMS, Volto is capable of take care of Server Side Rendering (SSR) in order to support SEO.



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