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Lazy loading#

Since Volto 5.0.0 you are able to do splitting and lazy loading safely any app component using @loadable/component library. You can also benefit from it in your own project by using it.


Webpack 4 is already lazy load enabled, using import() but @loadable/component makes the process safe since Volto is using Server Side Rendering. The React community is working actively in the React async mode popularly known as Suspense. Suspense will be SSR safe but in the meanwhile it's not ready, @loadable/component is the community accepted replacement.

Lazy load a component#

export const DatetimeWidget = loadable(() =>

Then use DatetimeWidget as you'll do normally using a standard import statement.


You can find the complete @loadable/component documentation here:

Code splitting bundle analyzer#

You can check the code splitting state by using the included bundle analyzer:

$ yarn analyze

A browser will open with the bundle inspector.