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Overriding i18n messages#

If you want to override an existing translation, you should declare the original message again somewhere else in your project, e.g in src/config.js, like this:

import { defineMessages } from 'react-intl';

  back: {
    id: 'Back',
    defaultMessage: 'Back',

Then run yarn i18n and you'll find the translation ready to override in your locales directory, e.g locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/volto.po.

#: src/config
msgid "Back"
msgstr "My overriden translation"

After setting the override, then run yarn i18n again, to create the de.json translation files. Restart Volto to see the changes applied.


Shadowed components do NOT override translations, since 99% of the time, you don't want them to do that, so the customizations folder is excluded from the i18n build.